Bridge Fire Dept

We at the Lake Brownwood Volunteer Fire Department (Bridge) are committed to giving the very best service to the community we serve.
The map is the area we serve and is part of the Brown County fire protection.  We serve all the residents of Brown, Coleman, Eastland and Callahan County if called to respond.
If needed Call 911 and our Volunteers Firefighters are ready to respond to any emergency.
Your Fire Department Volunteers are Randy Feight: Chief, Joey Blisard: Asst Chief, Jeff Davis:  Capt, Ken Mayfield: Capt, Donald Batteas:  Training/Safety, Chuck Chesser: IC Officer, Andrew Horton: Fireman,  Roy Silva: Fireman, Roger Curty: Fireman,  John Thomas: Fireman, Don Salas: Fireman, Travis Davis: Fireman,  Taylor Fletcher: Fireman, Ethan Hoover: Fireman, Thomas Bailey: Fireman.