Cooler weather

in forecast and windy


Cool at night 30

Warming into the 60s


Don’t forget new

2018 fishing and hunting license are on sale at

Parkway Drive In

the best deal is Super Comb for $68.00





 New Boat and ATV repair shop at the lake
 5817 Hwy 279
 call me if you want fast internet at the lake at 325-784-5704

New High-speed wireless internet is here lake from WTC. WTC is up and running.  If you have dial up now you’re too slow. Low price of 39.95 for 1 mg. is a great dealPricing as of now but may be subject to changeRESIDENTIAL:1megx512k@ $39.95mnth1.5megx512k@ $44.95mnth*2megx512k@ $49.95mnth*

3megx512k@ $59.95 mnth*

3megx512k@ $69.95mnth*

(Burstable download up to 8megs-limited amount and not available in all



1megx512k@ $49.95mnth*

1.5megx512k@ $54.95mnth*

2megx512k@ $59.95mnth*

3megx512k@ $69.95mnth*